Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Each college or university is eligible to nominate one full-time faculty member who has contributed in the most highly creative ways to teaching, learning, and technology in higher education. Candidate selection must be based on an institution-wide search, using the institution's own criteria. Previous award recipients are ineligible.

The institution may also choose to have its nominee serve as a candidate for the Ernest L. Boyer International Award. Please note that additional nomination requirements must be met by all Boyer Award nominees.

The nomination form must be completed and signed by the institution's president or chancellor. A 5”x7” color, glossy photograph of the nominee (or digital version) must be included, along with the award nominee registration fee of $545. These materials must be accompanied by a completed proposal form, indicating the nominee's agreement to make a presentation at the Conference concerning the work for which s/he was nominated.

Nominated faculty will be honored at a special awards ceremony, which will include the presentation of an award trophy. Each nominee will also be listed on the Conference Website.

NOMINATION DEADLINE: February 22, 2013, for nominations and supporting materials


Nomination Form   2012 Excellence Award Nominees


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